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Welcome to the Most Powerful Sleep Program in the World.

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For Veterans and First-Responders

62romeo is managed by actual Veterans and First-Responders. The program is changing lives through a groundbreaking sleep program. It provides Veterans and First-Responders with much needed sleep support.

Sleep is tied to mental health, physical well being and success in life. Too often veterans turn to sleeping pills, alcohol, or other sedatives. We need a better option. The 62romeo program is all-natural, non-invasive, and the best way to get lasting results.

62romeo is a boot camp for sleep. Over the course of six weeks, participants learn everything about sleep health.

Our Certified Sleep Coaches are real live Veterans and First-Responders that give you all the tools available to change your sleep forever. With only one hour per week and five minutes a day, you can have complete sleep restoration in just six weeks.

Are you a Veteran or First-Responder?

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The Four Pillars

The Foundation of 62romeo

This Six Week Sleep program is based on four foundational Pillars: Light & Sound Therapy, Sleep Education, Relaxation Techniques, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia.

Our team helps navigate the complexities of challenging sleep schedules and bad habits.

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“What I learned through 62romeo has made a huge difference in my my personal health and wellness.  Knowing is one thing - doing is another - your program made successful sleep intervention doable."

Asst. Chief George Gomola

Fairfield Fire Department, Fairfield CT

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Whole Person Theory

We look at every aspect of your sleep.

  • When do you go to bed?

  • When do you wake up?

  • What do you eat and when?

  • How much caffeine do you consume?

  • Alcohol? Pills?

  • When do you work out? 

  • What is your work life balance?

  • How do you feel about your sleep?

  • How much light is in your bedroom?

  • How noisy is it?

  • What is the temperature?

  • What do you do before bed?

  • Do you take naps?

  • How do you measure your sleep?

  • And much, much more...

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